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A warm welcome from the Garden Route.

I am Tanja Storm, a Musician, singer, songwriter, performer, creative soul. I love to create. I love to produce and direct, I love to perform, and I especially love to sing. I have worked very hard in putting together bands, rehearsals, writing songs, recording them, submitting it to radio stations, administrating, publishing, organising gigs and shows, and sorting out the sound tech, compiling visuals, band rehearsals, maintaining websites, updating social media, payments, travel and accommodation… all whilst juggling a full time job and keeping house 🙂

Latest achievements?
My very recent single” No Place Like Home” has just been released earlier this month, and it has already been playlisted on numerous radio stations in SA. My Afrikaans music video, Môreson was screened on KykNet on DSTV. I have not yet accomplished all that I have set out to do. I feel there is a lot more to be done. Funds and time are a bit tight.

Why do I need funds?
I really, really, really want to finish my album so that I can have a product. With a product, I can perform at more venues and festivals that are otherwise not possible. I can also start generating income from album sales by hand, and improve my marketing campaign. Other than the album, I would like to make a music video to help promote my original work through other channels that music couldn’t reach.

Why so much?
R40 000.00 sounds like a deposit on a small piece of land or a car, but in the music industry, everything costs a lot!

– Printing of 1000 CD’s or EP’s = R10 000.00+ (artwork, design and printing of booklet/cover excluded)

– Recording of final 5 songs to complete my album, minimum rate R3 000.00 a song (mastering excluded).

– 1 x budget music video at R10 000.00

So, you see I am not merely asking for money. I am asking that you help fulfil a lifelong dream and aid in building my career.

I look forward to sharing my completed product with you. Thank you for considering my request <3

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