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How It Works



Decide on how much do you must or need to raise?
eg. R100,000.00



Think of a heading that describes your Campaign and that you believe will get the attention of the public.



Click on the pink icon, “START YOUR CAMPAIGN” and complete the form. Try to keep your story as short and effective as possible,



You will need to attach a few pictures, no less than 3 images, that best describes your Campaign and/or if you can attach a video too (see bottom of form). When you are done, please click on the submit button.



Unfortunately we at GofundmeSA need to pay someone to edit and publish your Campaign, story, and thus we have a once off Initiating & Publishing Fee of R369.00 that is payable upfront, prior to publishing your Campaign.

The Fee allows you to submit your Campaign for a period of 12 (twelve) calendar months and instructs our editor and publisher to bring the best out of your story, campaign. Your Campaign is placed under the Stories Page and may be published other headings (i.e. Recent Stories, Featured Stories, etc.) for the duration of the campaign. Your co-operation in this process is essential to the success of your story and campaign.


  • Your campaign is exposed for a period of 12 (twelve) calendar months through our marketing platforms (i.e. website, social media’s, registered philanthropists database, etc.);
  • A maximum of 3 (three) edits are allowed for the duration of your campaign;
  • You may extend your Campaign with an additional 6 (six) calendar months after the 12 month period simply by paying an extension fee of R99.00.


Our ” Administration of Donations and Payment Processing Fee” is calculated at 15% (fifteen percent) which is deducted from each Donation received (Eg. If a Goal or amount of R10 000 is obtain or received, a deduction of R1500 is applicable and the payment to you is therefore R8 500).


A “CAMPAIGN REFERENCE” is allocated to your campaign and is used when donations/sponsorships are made to our bank account for your Campaign by sponsors/donators. This manages the accumulation of monies received for your campaign. In addition, you are able to track your Campaigns income through viewing your campaign when ever you want. Please keep the link to your story safe to make it easier to track.




A period of 5 working days from date of a written request is allocated for processing payment. This is due to the online payment gateways and banking time frames for processing payment into GofundmeSA’s bank account. In addition, it is important to note that payments are made every Friday. In the event of payment being received into our bank account after the payment day, namely Friday, then in such event payment shall only be paid over to the campaigner on the first Friday that follows.



Once your story is published, it will be in your interest to share your story on your Facebook page and any and all other social medias that you might be part of and encourage your friends and relatives to do the same.  Good luck and we look forward to you telling people your story and publishing your campaign.

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